Learn Your Allergy Triggers and Stay Informed

Allergies can cause a lot of trouble to the body and mind. There are few situations as unfortunate as enjoying a beautiful day only to have the entire thing ruined by a bad allergic reaction. There are many allergists in Cary that can help you to handle your allergies, but before you head to see one you should better understand your allergy triggers.

Triggers for allergies are pretty much what they sound like: they are the particles, foods and conditions that cause an individual to begin breaking into an allergic reaction. There are some triggers that are easier to spot than others. If you are visiting a friend, and your friend has a dog, and you start breaking out whenever you are around the dog then you can start putting things together. Still, if you do not break out around other dogs then it might not be the pet that is bothering you.

Understanding your triggers means doing a bit of research. As in the case with the dog, you should understand what other culprits could be to blame. It might be a certain shampoo that your friend uses on her dog, or even something in the house that the dog likes to roll around on top of. Breaking down the situation will help you to see what is causing you such strife.

It is also important to time and measure your reactions. This can be very helpful information to bring to an allergist, and can allow them to better assist you. When you have a reaction, time how long the entire process occurs. Start with the first signs of reaction, whether it be an irritation in the sinuses or a rash on the skin, and end when the symptoms have begun to subside. This will help your allergist understand the severity of different factors, and they can provide the right tests and follow-up for you. The most common triggers for allergies are pollen, animal dander, mold and foods. Keep notes when you experience triggers especially when you come in contact with something that gives you a repeated reaction.

While it is important to take notes and keep track of your reactions, there are specific situations where you should see allergists in Cary right away. In cases where your trigger is causing extreme pain or discomfort it is important to see a specialist immediately. To better understand your allergies and how to deal with them, visit this website of an experienced allergist in Cary.


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