The Top 3 Weirdest Allergies

Who hasn’t ever been allergic to anything? Most people at one time or another have been afflicted with pollen or mold-borne irritants. For others it’s hold that chocolate or shellfish. There is always at least one trigger, and for the unfortunate very few, some very bizarre onresr. Here are the three considered the strangest.

  • Cold—While many jokingly claim they are allergic to cold, a very small minority suffer from a real temperature related condition called Familial Cold Auto inflammatory Syndrome. Sufferers experience the release of histamine into the skin, leading to irritation in the form of hives and rashes. Deadly as well as strange, this syndrome, if untreated, makes a plunge into chilly water or a cold shower a fatal adventure. The body suffers killing shock.
  • Sun—A mere 300 suffer from solar urticarial. Their condition makes stepping out of doors problematic because direct sunlight stimulates irritating cells in the skin. Swelling and redness appear. If sun exposure continues unchecked, lesions result. The afflicted must avoid excess exposure and use sunscreen. Worst cases must wear special clothes and hide from the sun, like the iconic vampire.
  • Water—Topping the list of weird comesaquagenic urticarial, an extremely rare allergy (23 million-to-one against). Those unfortunates who cannot tolerate water are forever housebound. Bathing is a trial. Sweat and tears are feared. To try common beverages is impossible. Drinking water is done with care.

While being unlucky enough to suffer from one of these allergies is a long shot, being bothered by pollen, mold or mites isn’t. For information about allergy treatment in Cary, visit this website.



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